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Why is Social Media So Popular? (Part 2)

The Truth Behind the Emerging Trend

Social media outlets are just like any business that provide for that social outlet. Essentially what made Facebook king of the social media heap is that they made it easy and convenient to post content and access other’s content. Just like any business, the fewer barriers to satisfy the need (social gratification), generally the more successful that particular business will be.

If you’ve spent time trying to contemplate how you or your organization might leverage society’s need to interact and the amalgamation of networks (aka social media) to your advantage, than you’re not alone. The folks that have harnessed the power of social networking successfully already have something to offer, they just use social media to get the word out… it resonates with people, so individuals interact with it through social mediums.

Here are some ideas for:

- Non-Profits
- Businesses
- Promotors & Marketers

Now this may sound horribly redundant or boring to many of you but it is a strong point that cannot be missed. It is easy to get caught in the belief that the rising tide of social media “floats all boats”. This is just not true. My advise is stick to the basics; make sure you have a good product or service. Only then should you proceed, allocating some resources to a social media campaign but monitor results like you would with any other marketing campaign.

In conclusion, leverage the lessons learned and the knowledge presented by the explosion of social media to hone your message, products and services rather than writing a blank-check for a social media marketing campaign.


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